For everyone who loves sailing and exercising, this is the activity for you.

    What is Windsurf?

    Windsurf also has a technical name that describes this sport to the perfection, which is Sail board.

    It is a really fantastic activity because it is a lot easier than other water sports during the first few hours. The reason for this is, you have more support when standing up on the board. So, on your first day you will be able to feel the sensations of navigation and freedom.

    Anyone can enjoy this activity and you do not need to have previous experience. In addition, our equipment is adapted for different levels of sailing skills, therefore you will definitely progress.

    We offer three different options:

    Try Windsurf (90 minutes):

    Are you interested in trying a unique experience?
    If you choose this option you will learn the basic knowledge of windsurf and you will feel your first navigation sensations.

    90 minute lesson – 1 day

    Each person has their own learning rhythm or maybe only a few free days. For these reasons we offer a 90-minute lessons so you can fit it into your schedule. We offer from basic level up to advanced lessons. Also, we will adapt ourselves to your specific needs.

    Introductory lesson (3 hours) – 2 days

    This pack is perfect for your first steps in the windsurf world! You will learn the basic windsurf movements while having great fun in the water. Moreover, depending on your progress or previous experience, you will reach a minimum level that will allow you to windsurf on your own or with your group.

    Windsurf Alicante.
    Wind Surf 2

    For any questions, please do not hesitate to call, send us an email or WhatsApp message, we will be more than happy to give you any information you require.

    • Try wind surf
    • 30€
    • 90-minute group lesson from level 0
    • Intermediate wind surf
    • 30€
    • 90-minute intermediate level group lesson
    • Introductory wind surf lesson
    • 50€
    • Two 90-minute group lesson from level 0