Try rafting with your family or friends!

    Would you like to do rafting down the River Segura? Revitalise yourself and have fun while descending 13,50 km down the river, which normally takes around 3 hours. During the descent you will find a series of different obstacles, river rapids, curves and two dams.

    How to navigate the river?

    1. Rafting. The most popular option. Rafting, with a very secure boat which holds up to 12 people.
    2. Kayak, which allows you to move easily round the curves and rapids of the energetic river.
    3. Banana. This option is for the most adventurous people.

    Team work is vital while enjoying the safety of a boat, which will help you dodge the curves, the rapids and the two exciting dams. Moreover, there will definitely be water fights and lots of laughter. Midway down the river we will offer snacks. In addition, we will take photos of you, throughout the activity, free of charge. Enjoy this experience with your family or friends and let the little ones get close to nature.

    The facilities

    Our facilities (on the river’s edge) are made up of two changing rooms with over 200 private lockers where you can leave your personal belongings, shower facilities and a tourist office.

    What is included?

    Qualified monitors (One monitor per rafting boat and two monitors per ten kayaks). One monitor on land with appropriate transport.
    All the appropriate materials for this activity including: boat, oars, life jackets, helmets etc.
    Liability and accident insurance.
    Sport facilities equipped with dressing rooms, showers and lockers.
    Photographs throughout the activity
    Snack (Sandwich + drink: water, beer, Fanta or Coca-Cola)
    Transport from the facilities to the starting point.
    Wetsuits (Only in winter. Up to 40 units).

    It does not include:

    Transport to the facilities.

    What do I need to take?

    Clothing, Swimwear and sun cream.
    Comfortable footwear to do the activity (water shoes, sport shoes or any other adjusted shoes)
    A change of clothes and shoes.

    Rafting Río Segura
    Rafting 2
    Rafting 3
    Rafting 4

    For any questions, please do not hesitate to call, send us an email or WhatsApp message, we will be more than happy to give you any information you require.

    Don’t miss out!
    • 1-9 people
    • 30€
    • 10-20 people
    • 28€
    • Children
    • 25€
      under 12 years old
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