Quad Biking

    Do you want an adrenalin rush in the mountains?

    We have a 10.000 m² quad biking circuit suitable for everyone; children, teenagers and adults.

    Moreover, we offer several possibilities. Firstly, closed circuit quad biking. This option is suitable for everyone as there are no limitations.

    Secondly, quad excursions around the lake and Spanish countryside. You will be able to ride down very exciting dirt tracks and enjoy the spectacular views.

    To carry out the quad bike excursion outside of the closed circuit, it is necessary for the driver to have a valid car or motor bike driving license.

    If a member of your party does not want to drive the quad bike but still wants to have an amazing day out, you have the option to choose a double quad so they can take a ride on the back.

    What does it include?

    All the materials you need are included in the activity. To clarify, a helmet and goggles, also qualified instructors and liability insurance.

    Man riding a quad bike round a lake
    Man riding a quad bike round a lake

    For any questions, please do not hesitate to call, send us an email or WhatsApp message, we will be more than happy to give you any information you require

    • Race
    • 20€
    • Circuit of 17 min
    • 1 Hour excursions in single Quad
    • 60€
    • Over 18 years (driving license for car or motorbike)
    • 1 hour excursion in double Quad
    • 70€
    • Over 18 years (driving license for car or motorbike)
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